Since 1996

The Dutch Spotters Convention (DSC) was established in 1996 as a joint venture between the foundations Dutch Aviation Society and Airnieuws Nederland. Both foundations were looking for ways to do more together. It was decided to breathe new life into the existing Scramble Air Fete and Airnieuws slide evening (dia-avond), merged into one event. In that year the aviation fair was held twice. It turned out to be a good move, the DSC was a great success. Especially the combination of an exchange and sale of aviation-related articles, slideshows and bus tours with photo stops over the platform was appreciated.

Different locations

The first years the aviation fair was held in the Rotterdam Airport Hotel. In this way we mainly served the Rotterdam aviation enthusiasts, even though visitors from all over the country came. Because Schiphol is also an attractive location, we found an alternative location there, in the hangar of the Dutch Dakota Association. Unfortunately, the stricter safety regulations put an end to this.
Then we changed the lcoation a few times, especially to keep the costs within bounds. The DSC had its home base in Maassluis for several years. However, the direct connection with aviation was surely missed.

Back to Rotterdam Airport

We looked for an alternative location closer to the airport. After negotiations we could go to the terminal building of Rotterdam Airport. We could not imagine a better location!
With the growth of the airport, this location was not future-proof either. Another affordable place was not easy to find. In addition, the role of the Dutch Aviation Society and Airnieuws Nederland in the organisation of the convention became increasingly smaller. The DSC seemed to be at an end.

DSC now

Today, the Dutch Spotters Convention is an independent aviation fair, organised by three men with years of experience in this area. With the Worldhotel Wings Rotterdam we were once again directly connected to aviation, just like us hobbyists want it. However, the high costs became prohibitive for organising it there again. So now we are looking for a new location. Hopefully we will succeed!

Rob, Jan and Leo

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